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Here some answers to some commonly asked questions as well as details about workshop pricing.

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Workshop with Aldeburgh Young Musicians

Workshop with Aldeburgh Young Musicians


How Much do workshops Cost?

The cost of a workshop depends on the length of time. It can vary from an hour or two, a half day (up to 3 hours), or a full day (6 hours). For further information about pricing, please send an enquiry with an indication of your requirements via the "Contact Us" page.

I have a Topic i'd like to cover that isn't listed in the workshop Activities page, can you deliver it in the workshop?

The answer is almost always yes. The suggested workshops are to give an idea of what can be covered. The workshops are tailored to ability level and ensemble size, and we communicate with you beforehand about this. We generally try to relate the workshops to material that students are currently learning and are always open to suggested topics.

How are the half day and full day workshops structured?

We tailor the day around what you'd like to cover, whilst fitting in around your timetable. We design the day around your breaks and can work towards an end of session performance.

What's the most important thing I can do to prepare my students for a workshop?

Remind them that mistakes are good and are to be expected when covering a new topic, so don't worry about them and enjoy yourself!

How many participants or ensembles can take part in a workshop?

The number of students or ensembles that can participate depends on the time available and the topics to be covered. For example, you could book a 3-hour session and allocate time to work with 3 different ensembles separately. Ensemble size can range from solo performers, up to small orchestras.

Who are the workshops suitable For?

The workshops can be tailored for all ages and ability. We have a wealth of teaching experience and have taught complete beginners from the age of 8 years old, prepared students for Music College/Conservatoire auditions, as well as keen amateurs well in into their retirement. 

How many teachers run the workshops?

Most of the workshops are led by one musician who can work with all ensemble sizes. We can provide a second teacher if requested. 

Where can you travel to?

We have delivered workshops across the UK and beyond. Within the UK we've given workshops from Devon to Aldeburgh, and from Cardiff to Shetland.

How much notice do you need to deliver a workshop?

We usually suggest a period of 4 weeks although we can often supply something at shorter notice.